Informes Institucionais | Boletim FAO Infosylva | 28.02.2013


NO. 03/2013



Dear reader,

Welcome to a new edition of Infosylva.

We open by announcing a new publication on agroforestry, published by FAO in collaboration with other institutions. This book is animating debate on the potential of agroforestry in development and the alleviation of hunger, if integrated in national policy frameworks.

Other highlights in this edition of Infosylva include:

  • A major pulp and paper company has announced that it will refrain from buying raw materials harvested in natural forests in Indonesia. If put in place, this measure could be a milestone on the steep path to reducing deforestation.
  • Gabonese authorities and conservation organizations have sounded the alarm about poachers, who are decimating the elephant population in the forests of this Central African country.
  • Reports on small-scale and large-scale reforestation projects in Mexico indicate that reforestation, if accompanied by correct forest management, can play a huge role in the economy, both locally and on a national level, by also contributing to landscape restoration. (In Spanish).
  • NASA is launching a satellite that will be used to monitor glaciers, forests, aquatic resources and urban growth. This is a clear sign that remote sensing is gaining momentum as an effective method for monitoring deforestation, among other things.

And lots more!

Enjoy your reading.