Artigos Técnicos | Artigo | 27.01.2022

ABSTRACT CENIBRA Celulose Nipo-Brasileira S.A., is a Bleached Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp producer located in Belo Oriente, MG, Brazil, with an annual capacity of 1.2 million ADt and includes two fiber lines. In order to modernize its existing Fiberline 01, inaugurated in 1977, a new bleach plant was installed with TwinRoll Press Evolution (TRPE™). With a challenging construction layout and tight startup schedule, the new compact bleach plant started up simultaneously with Line 1’s permanent shutdown. Nominal capacity was achieved in less than one week, resulting in minimum production losses. With an ECF sequence DHOTEpD1 P, the bleach plant provided a 10%-15% reduction in bleaching chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide, while sulfuric acid consumption dropped roughly 22%. Energy and steam had their consumptions reduced around 40% and 50%, respectively, while water consumption and effluent generation decreased 50%. As a result, the modernization project had an incredibly positive outcome, preserving product quality and continuous operation while improving operational and environmental results. Keywords: Eucalyptus Kraft Pulp, ECF Bleaching, Washing Machines.

O PAPEL vol. 83, N.o 1, pp. 74 - 76 - JAN 2022

Authors: Flavio M. Correia1 , Hericon L. Silva1 , J. Manoel L. Neto1 , Leandro T. Coelho1 , Andre Domingues2 , Fernando Heinze2 , Gustavo Meller2